Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pindulge me please...

Well, I don't feel like ranting about anything this week.  Not that this past week didn't give me a few topics, I'm just saving them because I can.

Instead, I offer you my Pinterest dictionary.  Yes, I know I'm ridiculous.

Pin-a-minute:  What you tell your husband when he asks if you are ready to watch that movie, go to the store, go to bed, etc.

Pinconvenience:  When you see that silly error message that tells you that you cannot connect to Pinterest.

Pin-depth:  The conversations people get into regarding politics and religion via Pinterest comment section.

Pindustrial revolution:  The point in history when all things were made with old pallets, wine bottles wrapped in something, or up-cycled t-shirts.

Pinept:  Those poor souls who have not yet figured out how to use Pinterst.

Pinfinity:  Describes how long you could spend on Pinterest scrolling down.

Pinnovation:  Finding new ways to use toilet paper rolls, chalkboard paint, and mason jars.  See also Pindustrial revolution.

Pinsanity:  The feeling that takes over you when you first figure out what Pinterest is and how to use it.   Of course, you’re pinsane at this point so you don’t realize it. 

Pinsider trading:  Tipping off friends to look at your pinboard for recipes, crafts, etc. 

Pinsomnia:  The need to continuing to scroll down to view new pins even though it’s way past your bedtime. 

Pinspiration:  What you feel when you make your grocery list using Pinterest and wonder what you were eating before.

Pintegration:  Grouping together your Facebooking time with your pinning time. 

Pintelligent:  Used to describe those members that can pin something, comment, like and maintain full-time employment.

Pintense:  Used to describe conversations that people get into over things like swear words in pins, fashion, etc.

Pinterior design:  The pictures of homes and rooms that you will never live in, nor have in your house, but like to look at on your “For the Home” board.

Pinterrogation:  After searching your ex-something-or-another and finding his/her page, you then try to discover things about their pathetic life via their pinboards.  See also Pinvestigation.

Pinvestigation:  When you use the search function on Pinterest to stalk an ex-something-or-another.  See also Pinterrogation.

Pinvestment:  The amount of time you will need to spend on Pinterest to feel satisfied that you have seen enough recipes and pretty pictures.

There you have it.  That was at least 20 minutes of my life.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Penjoyed it, actually.  Thank you for Pindulging me.  Okay, I'm done.

No worries, I'll have something extra-ranty for you next week.


  1. Ha! Oh, yes. I especially love funny! I thoroughly enjoyed this 20 minutes of your life :)

  2. This list is freaking awesome! Oh, I feel a date with Pinterest coming my way soon.